Going for Gold: Olympic attire for Team USA that topped the medal stand and others that failed to compete


Opening Ceremony Parade Uniform

American designer Ralph Lauren once again designed the outfits worn by Team USA. Following controversy over his last Team USA outfit being made outside of the country, Lauren’s ensemble was completely manufactured in the United States.
This was about the only good thing the look had going for it. The main eye-catcher of the team’s outfit was a patchwork sweater displaying iconic American symbols. It looked like Ralph Lauren was trying to overcompensate for 2012’s faux pas by squeezing every imaginable American symbol onto one garment. On the plus side, Team USA athletes will never have to search for something to wear to an Ugly Sweater party ever again.

Alpine Ski Team Uniforms

The US Alpine Ski Team will be speeding down the slopes in a high-tech, Star Spangled Banner inspired ski suit. The uniform puts a fresh spin on the American flag with bold stars on the sleeves and geometric lines across the chest and arms. According to the Spyder Active Sports, the Bolder-based company responsible for creating the look, the uniform is not only flashy but also functional. In keeping with the International Ski Federation rules, the porous material of the suits is designed to be a safety feature if an athlete should crash while skiing at dangerously high speeds.

Snowboard Team Uniform

Patchwork tops must be the theme for Team USA apparel at the Sochi Olympics. Burton Snowboards designed a nostalgic Americana patchwork jacket for the US Snowboard Team. Opting for more neutral tones, the jacket features a strong tan and navy color pallet with hints of red throughout. When the athletes don their mandatory competition bibs over the look, it’s hard to distinguish the subtle patriotic theme. The outfit is completed with matching pants, gloves and hat. While the look isn’t a complete flop, it won’t be taking home a gold medal either. This is the Olympics – Team USA should be proudly sporting their nation’s colors, not wearing a uniform where the only patriotic detail is a patch on the sleeve.

Medal Stand Uniform

Athletes lucky enough to make it to the medal stand in the 2014 Winter Olympic Games won’t only be catching attention for the medals around their necks. Nike struck gold when they created a sleek, modern look for the winning athletes. The look features a metallic silver jacket, form-fitting black pants and neon sneakers. The back of the jacket proudly displays “USA” in gradating red/blue letters. What really makes this outfit special though is the details that display American pride without being over-the-top like Ralph Lauren’s opening ceremonies look. Iconic phrases like “Land of the Free” and “Home of the Brave” are embroidered into the jacket pockets and printed on the shoes’ insoles. This is one look Team USA should be proud to wear.


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