Glowing “O” 5K Fun Run


Jared Sindt

Wellness Center staff prepare for the Fun Run. Photo courtesy of Jared Sindt/The Gateway.

The UNO Wellness Center hosted the fifth annual Glowing “O” 5K Fun Run on Friday, Oct. 15.

Runners were either supposed to bring glowing accessories to race with or receive them after registering.

Participants showed up to campus at 8:15 p.m. in front of the Milo Bail Student Center to register or check in after registering online. Those who registered received a free t-shirt and an assortment of glow sticks and bracelets they could use at their leisure.

Registration was $20 for current UNO students and rec members and $25 for anyone else. The race only had around a dozen participants.

“We know a lot of students aren’t showing up because they’re on break or are wanting to keep distancing for COVID,” said Lisa Medina, Assistant Director of Student Staff Development, special events and instructional programs.

Regardless of the small turnout, the staff and participants were ready to go, with many extremely decked out in glow gear.

Runners covered in glow sticks and bracelets ready to race. Photo courtesy of Jared Sindt/The Gateway.

The race was three laps around campus, starting at Milo Bail and ending at the plaza near the University Village.

This is the first time in the past two years the race has been able to happen in person, with last year’s race taking place virtually.

“Participants would register online and run for a charity of their choice over the span from Oct. 1 through 15,” Medina said.

Medina expressed that she enjoyed the virtual event version of the fun run, but that it was nice to do it in person this year for the interaction.

Campus security was there for the event as well, guarding the streets so that participants would have extra protection from drivers, even with their glow gear.

Based on the failure of this event to draw participants, it will be interesting to see if the Wellness Center returns to the virtual fun run of the past year, since they were able to focus on raising money and gaining participants instead of just putting the money to pay for the run and glow gear itself.

The Wellness Center’s next event, considered most popular by the staff, will be in January in person at the Wellness Center. For details on their next event, visit the campus website and keep an eye on the Student Life and Wellness section.