Glo at UNO a hit for the third year in a row

Students attend Maverick Productions’ Glo at UNO event. Photo by Cassie Wade/the Gateway

Rebecca Weis

For the past three years, Maverick Productions has put on a night of dancing, loud music and wet paint for the students of the University of Nebraska at Omaha. On Aug. 23, 2018 Maverick Productions showcased their third Glo at UNO. Around 1,000 students attend this event.

Maverick Productions starts planning Glo around May. They start with feedback from the year prior, trying to figure out what worked and what didn’t work so well. After that, it’s a three-month process of calling contractors and vendors to put Glo together, according to junior and president of Maverick Productions Matt Johnson. There are around 12 different vendors that help put Glo at UNO together.

However, Maverick Productions isn’t the only one that has to prepare for Glo. Jeff Hill, who has been the DJ for the past two years for Glo starts to prepare far in advance for the show.

“We usually spend six months getting ready for our shows,” Hill said. “We start developing new music, editing music, writing new music. It takes a long time and we put in a lot of hard work.”

Glo takes place during Durango Days, which consists of events throughout the week that are free to all UNO students. The idea behind Glo was to have a big event during Durango Days, and adding wet paint and a DJ was a way to make the event stand out from others.

“My favorite part about Glo is being able to sit back and watch all the hard work of the members pay off,” Johnson said.

Josh Trede, a freshman at UNO, said he “decided to come because his friends had invited him and the idea seemed pretty cool.” Owen Godberson, a junior at UNO, said this was also his first year attending Glo.

“I was never really into raves they were just never my scene, but when my friends invited me I went for it,” Godberson said. “And when I’m put into a situation, I just try and make the most fun out of it.”

Contrary to popular belief, there is more to do than just dance at Glo.

“This year we had a photo both station where you can get your picture taken and it will be printed out right away so it’s a memory you can take with you. Plus, there is always food for students,” said junior Ally Hermanek.

“To the students who didn’t come, come next year even if it’s not your scene, go try something new. Especially since its free and on campus,” Godberson said. “Just show up, let loose and have fun.”

Glo at UNO is about more than just having a DJ and getting splashed with wet paint. It’s about meeting new people, having fun with your friends and getting to see what UNO has to offer.