Getting involved in co-curricular activities a good resume builder


By Linda Sedjro

What is the number one key for students to have a successful career in the future?

Barb Treadway, director of Student Organization and Leadership Programs, has the answer for all incoming UNO freshmen and those who still wander around on campus asking themselves how to make good use of their campus lives.

“I always advised student to get involved in co-curricular activities in college,” Treadway said. “It enhances students’ skills in leadership, social awareness and community.”

SOLP also initiates new friendships and assists in the transition to college life, according its brochure.

There are many reasons students should get involved in on-campus activities, the first being that it helps to build lifelong skills.

Student organizations offer students the chance to improve skills such as decision-making, budgeting, organizing and working with others.

The second reason is it also helps students to complement academic courses. Employers mostly look for students who are active student leaders.

The third reason is it helps students to develop social and recreational outlets. Students have the opportunity to meet new friends, share common interests with other students, staff and faculty and have fun outside the classroom.

UNO has many things to offer in the way of clubs and organizations. Among these are fraternities, sororities, Student Government, service agencies, honor societies, professional organizations, the student newspaper, the Student Programming Organization and special interests groups.

In addition to these organizations, SOLP also features the Cultural Awareness Program, which promotes the education and awareness of Latino, African-American, Native American and Asian American issues and heritage.

To meet each student’s needs and enroll them into these different programs, SOLP has staff advisers available. For example, Treadway advises Student Government, the Emerging Leaders/Student Leadership team and the entire SOLP office.

Nowadays, most recruiters target not just students with the highest GPA or those who just come to school and leave but those who get involved in campus life.

“Recruiters often look at what you were involved in and how you balanced it with your academics,” Treadway said.

Treadway said many students leaders move on into great careers from being involved at UNO.

“It’s all part of the big picture, the well-rounded individual student,” she said.

Students who have a special interest not already represented by an organization can also start one.

“There is something for everyone and it doesn’t take a whole lot of time,” Treadway said.

For more information about how to get involved in any of UNO’s clubs and organizations, stop the SOLP office on the first floor of the Milo Bail Student Center or call 554-2711 for more information.


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