Frostival spotlights local bands



Marissa Wiese

Want to make the holiday break rock? Omaha’s Downtown music scene is keeping the beat throughout the student holiday.

The Slowdown is a rock club and bar located on North 14th Street that promises to be a hot spot during the cold weather. The club will be hosting Frostival 2016 on Saturday for an all evening event of music and fun.

Frostival 2016 is an all ages’ music set like many of the others The Slowdown offers the public. The event will kick off at 6 p.m. with doors opening to Happy Hour. The music starts at 7 p.m. and promises to last all night and into the next morning.

Rock the night away with the several bands The Slowdown put together for their 9th annual charity event presented by Rad Kadillac and Tribal Equinox. The bands Blue Martian Tribe, Linear Symmetry, Djem, Funk Trek, and Midland Band will all take the stage along with the Pink Floyd tribute band Floyd and David Bowie tribute band Rock and Roll Suicide.

The proceeds for the event go to a good cause this holiday season. The Slowdown is supporting the Open Door Mission for this annual snowy gig. Tickets are available for $10 with a donation of unwrapped toy or five cans of food to the charity or $15 without a donation.

The band Floyd pledged, “We’ll be performing a rocked out set for this benefit for the Open Door Mission.”

While not the usual holiday jingles for the weather, all the bands promise to be unique rock with encore worthy beats to dance to, en-ergetic features, and crowd pleasing tributes.

This Frostival won’t be the first for some bands. Midland Band stated that they’re “looking forward to being back at Frostival this year” and that “it’s been awhile since the last time.”

All of the bands are based out of Nebraska with most claiming Omaha as their hometown. Frostival 2016 won’t just be an amped up event open to everyone, it will be a gig that honors Omaha’s music scene.

The Slowdown keeps a lifeline to the pulse of the rhythm. The club mentions how it got its name from an early band with the same title: “We thought it was a cool homage to that band, the early Omaha music scene and where we come from.”

The club regularly announces new sets that draw attention to the bands Omaha and the surrounding areas have to offer and hosts three to four events per week.

Some activities to expect at any of the events are “rock shows, socializing, dancing,” according to the club. They also offer more laid back opportunities to enjoy their club and bar. However, Frostival will be a loud night of good bands and dancing.

Frostival 2016 is a great chance to kick off the student break to a good beat. Once tickets are sold out, there won’t be extra tickets on the day of the show or at the door so consider Frostival 2016 now to warm up to good music on a cold winter night.


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