Fraternity bounces for a cause



Gabriel Guardado

For three days straight, members of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity jumped on trampolines and slept in tents for their Bounce-A-Thon event in the Pep Bowl— all for a good cause.

As part of their philanthropy with Feeding America and the Food Bank of the Heartland, members of Lambda Chi Alpha collected money donations and canned goods to give back to those in need.

“It’s something that Lambda Chi Alpha is known for at UNO,” Grant Sturek, philanthropy chair of LCA said. “It’s a great philanthropy because it’s fun for those who are involved, and we raise a lot of money for the Food Bank of the Heartland and Feeding America.”

Members of the fraternity set up sleeping tents and two trampolines in the middle of the Pep Bowl. For the three days the event went on, at least one member of the fraternity had to be on the trampolines, even at night.

“We started Bounce-A-Thon at 7 a.m. on Tuesday and we will go until 6 p.m. on Thursday,” LCA member Richard Oshlo said. “We have guys literally out here for three days straight jumping on the trampolines or sleeping on it.”

With the winter weather beginning to take effect, members of the fraternity stuck it out and slept on the trampolines covered in layers of blankets and pillows in order to withstand the cold nights. Other members slept in sleeping tents set out in the Pep Bowl.

“It was a fun time for everyone, whether they’re affiliated with Greek life or not,” Sturek said. “We had music playing; we had trampolines, yard games and volleyball.”

UNO students and members of other organizations joined in the fun as well throughout the three days the event went on. With the hundreds of students walking by the Pep Bowl, the sight of trampolines in the middle of campus is something students don’t see every day.

“We have the trampolines out here in Pep Bowl because it’s original,” Oshlo said. “People see it right in the middle of the Pep Bowl and it grabs their attention.”

Lambda Chi Alpha wrapped up the fun on Thursday evening with a handful of donations and canned goods for their philanthropy, all while building brotherhood and getting the UNO community involved.

With all the money and food donations collected for the food bank, Streuk said Bounce-A-Thon proved to be a success.

“We raised a lot of money, we got all of UNO involved and it was a fun time for everyone,” Sturek said.


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