For the Record


It has come to our attention that the article “ZTA sorority raises $1k for breast cancer,” published in the Oct. 22 issue, was written by a ZTA alumna. The Gateway was not aware of this affiliation. We have educated our staff and contributing writers about potential conflicts of interests and how they can compromise The Gateway’s goal of unbiased, balanced reporting.

In the article “Scholars explore art, philosophy and literature in British and Irish culture,” published in the Oct. 12 issue, it was mistakenly reported that Adriana Cordelia Gradea read from her paper “Cubist and surrealist Irish narratives: James Joyce and Anne Enright.” While Gradea authored the paper, she was unable to attend the conference and UNO English graduate student Janine M. Brooks presented the paper. The reporter assumed the presenter was Gradea.

The article “Thailand development issues provide tourism, economic growth” published in the Oct. 12 issue, was incorrectly placed and contained a factual error. It was reported that 5 billion tourists visited the country in 2004. The correct number of travelers was 5 million.

In the article “UNO alumna releases memoir on life, family,” the author’s name was misspelled in the photo caption. Her correct name is spelled Linda Strand-Jensen.

The Gateway apologizes for these errors.


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