Floods Contaminate Water in Glenwood

Photo courtesy of pxhere.com

Allie Seeley

Boiling water is a regular activity for cooking pasta. For some, boiling water is a necessity for everyday life.

University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) student Madison Verschoor, of Glenwood, Iowa, lives under a boil advisory due to the recent flooding. Her family home managed to escape damage, but the water treatment plant for the community was not as lucky.

Due to the flooding at the water treatment plant, there is a possibility of parasites in the water, Verschoor said. She said it is unclear how long the boil advisory will be in effect.

“If I want to wash my face, I have to boil the water first,” Verschoor said.

Aside from boiling water, Verschoor also had to alter her route to campus as the flooding had closed the main roads in and out of Glenwood.

“There was really only one non-gravel road open to get and in out of town,” Verschoor said.

UNO students can volunteer to help communities like Glenwood on Saturday, April 20 for a day of service event in celebration of Earth Day. Peyton Wells, program manager for the Office of Civic and Social Responsibility, said the day of service is centered on environmental servitude.

“The day is an effort for maintaining a healthy and sustainable environment for us all to live in,” Wells said.

Wells said the office anticipates projects related to flood relief and recovery. The non-profits that participate benefit from the help UNO student volunteers bring them, saving them “months of work,” she said.

Students who wish to participate in the day of service should arrive between 8 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. Saturday, April 20 at the Community Engagement Center on campus. Wells said volunteers are provided transportation to the project sites and given breakfast and snacks.

“It’s never been easier to do service work,” Wells said.

Students who want to participate, but are unable to commit the entire day at a project site, can work on short-term projects in the Community Engagement Center, Wells said. Along with helping the community, student volunteers can help themselves as well.  Wells said that volunteering for a day of service is a great addition to a resume.

Verschoor said not many people are aware of the flood’s effect on animals in the area. “The puppies don’t have clean water either,” she said.

Verschoor said that during rescue efforts, many animals were saved. However, the animals do not have all the supplies they need. Verschoor said if people were to come help, providing dog food would be beneficial. “We need to help the animals,” Verschoor said.

Wells said she anticipates about 100 student volunteers for the day of service.  A Facebook event page dedicated to the day of service is currently up, she said.

For more information about the projects included in the day of service, contact Jaci Henderson at the Community Engagement Center at jlhenderson@unomaha.edu.