Fitness fanatics fed up with poor gym etiquette


By Richard Larson, Opinion Editor

It’s a normal afternoon. You’re walking out of Biology, ready to get physical. Time to move from flexing the mental muscles to making gains on the killer bod.
Swipe in with your card, drink some pre-workout, change into something that shows off the guns and lets the boys breathe, and head over to the weights.
Immediately, you’re confused at why there are plates and dumbbells scattered and misplaced, but there is only one other person working out. Aside from being frustrated with having to workout in an area of disarray, tensions are at a dangerous high when workouts get interrupted.
Tanner Bies, a junior accounting major, hits the gym regularly. Like others, Bies is tired of poor gym etiquette and lack of respect:
“What bugs me is definitely people who don’t put weights back. Then there are the people who stand around and socialize, or sit on a machine while not using it.”
Speaking with Bies and observing poor gym etiquette inspired me to give some suggestions if you intend to get ripped at the gym. First, always place equipment back where you got it. It’s frustrating when there are random plates on the ground or your putting the 45-pound dumbbells next to the 15’s.
Next, be sure to only sit on machines if you are using them. If you are between reps and need a decent break between, get off until you are ready.
When it comes to fitness fashion, let’s keep it reasonable. If you’re a guy wearing a tank that is so deeply cut that your nipples are showing, chances are you are more interested in showing off or trying to find a date to Dave & Busters. Ladies, you are just asking to get looks if you are scantily clad.
Also keep in mind that most people are at the gym are there for individual goals. Don’t try to talk to someone about the new episode of Survivor or ask where they got their water bottle. Get in, do your own thing, get out. If you want to workout in a social atmosphere, try one of the group exercise classes.
Lastly, remember that people are at different places on their fitness timeline. Don’t make the gym a place for juiceheads and lugs to make fun of the new guy turning over a new leaf, or that girl who doesn’t seem to know what she is doing. It should give you comfort to be surrounded by people who are mutually interested in achieving personal fitness aspirations.


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