A few of our favorite things: February edition


By Kamrin Baker

Photo by Kamrin Baker/The Gateway

February is recognized by people in two extremes: those who love chocolate, teddy bears and Punxsutawney Phil, and those who despise snow and slush, relationships and greeting cards. I figure, though, that in the midst of seasonal affective disorder (which is a real and important thing), and on the brink of midterms, it would be valuable to take some time to review the things that have made us most happy over the last month.

For me, I’ve found a lot of joy in doTERRA essential oils. I made the decision to invest in a basic set of oils to help with my anxiety disorder and immune system. I also value the mission of the entire company, and I have really enjoyed learning more about it. I’ve spent a good chunk of this month learning more about myself and how to take care of all parts of me in the healthiest way.

For some students, new products or pieces of media are valuable and exciting to them, and for others, experiences and memories will stand as a landmark for this time in their lives. It is significant and meaningful– I believe– to reflect on the things that make us happy and the junctures in our college careers that make us who we are. And this also gives us an excuse to shamelessly plug the things we like and reflect back on a tiny scrapbook of the last 28-ish days.

More students share their feelings below:

“My favorite thing of February was Chinese New Year and the ‘Black Panther’ release lining up on the same day. The universe was looking out for me then.” -Okina Tran, sophomore

“My birthday is the best part of February. I treat the whole month of February like it’s my birthday, so I go to dinner one night, see a movie on another, and on the last weekend, I got a party bus. I have a positive demeanor the whole month; I call it ‘de-frosting.'” -Colin Gurney, senior

“I love candy going on sale after Valentine’s Day. Twix is my favorite. I bought a massive bag for $2.50.” -Katie Carnes, junior

“The most fun thing I did in February was go the the Humane Society’s rescue rally after a long week. I pet so many dogs.” -Camille Larson, sophomore

“My favorite thing was Valentine’s Day. Me and my girlfriend were on duty on campus, but it was still the best day. We watched movies and ordered pizza. I loved how we could just spend a low-key day together. It was really fantastic.” -Karl Harding, junior

“My favorite thing from February is the discounted candy and snacks at Walmart. The cheap cookies are to die for.” -Cody Harper, junior

“The best part of my February was playing bingo at Smitty’s Garage with my family.The best part was yelling ‘ROLL THAT HOPPER!’ with everybody else in the restaurant. My entire family was getting super competitive about it and were acting like try-hards at bingo. It was cool because we weren’t expecting to play, but they have free bingo on Friday nights at 9 p.m. and we came at the right time.” -Michael Spelts, senior

“My favorite memory was getting free Raising Cane’s because I popped a balloon in the bookstore. It was like a hidden event that wasn’t really advertised. But if you found a balloon in the bookstore, you had to pop it to get a prize.” -Sarah Robinson, junior

“My entire family went and supported my little brother in his music program. It isn’t anything spectacular, but it was great getting to spend a night with the family during the week.” -Sam Swanson, junior