Faculty Q&A with Martha Spangler, UNO’s Assistant Director of Student Organizations


By Kamrin Baker

Photo courtesy of Martha Spangler

Any University of Nebraska at Omaha student involved in a student organization– from the Pre-Vet club to Maverick Productions– has worked with her, though they probably didn’t realize it. Martha Spangler, the empowered and organized Assistant Director of Student Organizations, subtly dashes around in a petite and professional stature, leading the call to coordinate and harmonize each student organization at the university.

Between Involvement Fair planning, training organization officers, and perhaps dodging a Nerf bullet in her office, Spangler keeps busy helping both students and professional supervisors.

She tells the job description a bit better.

Answers were edited for length and clarity.

KB: What is your background? What made you want to take up this position?

MS: I’m a proud alumna of UNO with a bachelor’s in sociology and a minor in Spanish. I’ve always placed a high value on education, and my experiences at UNO helped me discover a great amount of learning also takes place outside the classroom. I knew I wanted to pursue the student affairs profession by the end of my sophomore year, after working with so many mentors on campus. After I graduated I took a year to teach English in Spain, and shortly after I returned, a position at UNO opened up for advising student organizations. So I took the opportunity!

KB: You obviously work a lot with student organizations on campus. When you were in college, what organizations were you apart of?

MS: My first involvement on campus was joining a sorority, which helped me branch out and discover other organizations – some I stuck with, others not so much. After my first couple semesters of trying out different organizations, I also committed to student government, Goodrich Organization, and working as an orientation leader and campus tour guide.

KB: What is the most fun thing you do at your job on a weekly basis?

MS: I love helping students find groups that match their interests. Sometimes they are so surprised at the random organizations we have available on campus. Connecting with people who share your passions can be such a game changer for your college experience.

KB: What is it like working in the student involvement office?

MS: Unpredictable! There’s always something going on here, whether it’s students just hanging out, an organization working on projects, or impromptu Nerf fights.

KB: What are some things that UNO students might not know about student organizations?

MS: It’s quite easy to start your own! Come see me or check out our website if you can’t find an organization you want to join.

KB: If you were still a student and could start your own student organization, what would it be and why?

MS: With my newfound hobby, I would definitely start some kind of gardening club. I could use tips from other experienced plant lovers!

KB: What is your favorite thing about being apart of the Maverick community?

MS: As a student, and now as an employee, It’s evident that our Maverick community is growing. Even if it’s not as small as it once was, it’s always been a supportive environment filled with caring individuals.