Enter your submission to the Gateway’s Holiday Writing Contest!

Bring UNO some holiday cheer…or melancholy. Submit your creative writing by Nov. 26! Graphic by Kaitlynn Kool/The Gateway.

We’re trying something new at The Gateway.

We want to deck the pages of our December issue with your creativity. So we’re hosting a writing contest, and the winners will get their work printed and published online on our website.

Here are the rules: no more than 500 words. That’s it. Everything else is up to. You want to write a short story about the true meaning of the holidays? Go for it. You want to write a poem or two on winter loneliness? Have at it. You just want to rant about hearing the same Christmas songs over and over again when you don’t even celebrate Christmas? Be our guest (and hit up our opinion editor, Bella Watson). Short stories, poems, whatever you can come up with.

This is open to ANY UNO student, regardless of major, age or language. This is an opportunity for you to be heard, and to make the season bright. We will post 5 winners online, and we’ll print 2-3 in our December issue depending on space.

How to submit:

  • Save your writing as a Word document. Put the word count (not including a title) at the bottom of the page, and don’t put your name in the document or the file name. We will read these blind.
  • Email to editorinchief@www.unothegateway.com with “(Your name) Holiday Writing Contest Submission” in the subject line. Make sure to put your name, year and major in the body of the email. If you want your submission posted anonymously if you win, let us know. 
  • Submit by the end of the day November 26!

Ask our online editor Anton Johnson (ajohnson7@unomaha.edu) if you have any questions!