Editor’s Letter: Welcome to the New Age


Leta Lohrmeyer

Gateway editor-in-chief, Leta Lohrmeyer, welcomes back UNO students, faculty and staff to a new year at UNO. Photo by Kylie Squires/the Gateway. Graphic by Leta Lohrmeyer/the Gateway.

Welcome back, Mavericks!

The Welcome Back issue is a Gateway tradition, but this year is different. We’re in a new age where nothing feels the same and saying “welcome back” carries a whole new meaning.

Welcome back to campus, classes, clubs, organizations, routines, seeing new and familiar faces. For me, I’m being welcomed back to Omaha after being gone for over four months.

We’re still experiencing “uncertain” and “unprecedented” times, but with classes and set schedules, we can hope to gain a bit more certainty. Whether you’re on campus or at home, you’ll still be surrounded by the Maverick community—even if it’s in the form of pixels.

Adjusting to a “new normal” isn’t easy. 2020 has been challenging to say the very least, but this time allows us to reflect and see what is most important in our lives. Hopefully, we’ve gained a greater sense of empathy, patience and compassion, for others and ourselves alike.

When it comes to entering a new age, the Gateway newsroom is no exception.

Times are changing, and we’re adapting right along with it. Some new endeavors we’re excited to undertake include monthly themed print issues, growth in social media presence and unique digital content.

The Gateway is prepared to become entirely digital in case UNO becomes remote again. Even if the way we produce the paper differs, our dedication to continually provide the best coverage remains the same. The UNO community is our priority, and the Gateway will always be here to keep you updated and informed.

In times of crisis, we see the ways our institutions fail us. Our newspaper is here to keep those institutions accountable. The stories we write reflect our world today; we hope our articles encourage you to continue having conversations and enact action.

As the editor-in-chief, I hope to build an environment to foster creativity and passion. A visual example of creativity can be found in the cover of this issue, a collaborative effort by our photo editor Kylie Squiers and digital imagery specialist Mars Nevada.

In a pandemic, we are forced to think outside the typical approaches of journalism. This issue is full of stories about adapting during this new age. Articles range from artists working at home, protecting librarians from COVID, how to safely participate in sports and ways to seek help if you’re trapped at home with an abuser.

Taking a step back, I invite you to participate in the legacy that we are forging right now. We are Mavericks, inundated with strength and perseverance. Through the hardships, hope remains.

Welcome back, I’m glad you’re here.

 Leta Lohrmeyer