Editor’s Letter: Another New Normal


Molly Ashford

Welcome back, Mavs! Photo courtesy of Kylie Squiers

Welcome back to campus, Mavericks.

Throughout this long, exhausting pandemic, the term ‘new normal’ has been thrown around by media, politicians and university spokespeople alike to describe life during Covid. Since March of 2020, ‘normal’ for many of us has looked like getting a lot more familiar with Canvas, moving back home and learning to adapt to a more isolated life than the one we had before.

Many students have anticipated the return to on-campus learning since the crisis began, while others have settled into the groove of Zoom and asynchronous courses. Some, even those who are vaccinated, worry about returning in-person without masks.

As vaccination rates slowly rise across Douglas County, the loosening restrictions present themselves as yet another new normal—or maybe, a return to our old one. But for me, it is difficult to imagine returning to the same mindset that I had nearly two years ago before I put my life on hold. After all, a lot has changed since we last saw each other’s faces in full.

But regardless—the campus will soon return to its former state, with students bustling to and from classes and professors accessible behind their desks instead of in a box on a screen. It is up to us to encourage safety and accountability in one another so that we are able to stay on campus for the foreseeable future. We aim for The Gateway to be a reliable source of information, especially as the situation continues to develop throughout our return to ‘normal.’

I am honored to be writing to you as the editor-in-chief of The Gateway for this upcoming year. As we work together to solidify our campus community after three semesters of online learning, I hope that this paper can establish itself as a source of truth, variety, growth and reflection. We have an incredible team of student journalists who are passionate about finding the stories worth telling in our Maverick community.

Above all, we aim to amplify student voices. Got an opinion? Have a friend who is extremely good at what they do, whatever that may be? Send them our way. Our staff is passionate about including diverse perspectives in our paper and highlighting the amazing people who make UNO such a special place.

Send me an email at mashford@unomaha.edu with any questions about contributing, tips or story ideas. I wish all of you a safe and productive first month of classes, and I can’t wait to see what we can create together.