Durango Days kicks off school year


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Cassie Wade

Students at University of Nebraska at Omaha had the chance to start their school year off with free food, Mav gear and a wide variety of activities by participating in Durango Days.

Durango Days takes place every year as part of UNO’s official welcome week, according to UNO’s website.

The event took place over the course of nine days and provided students with the chance to get involved both on and off campus with the First National Bank Student Involvement Fair and the Part-time Job and Volunteer Fair hosted by the Academic and Career Development Center and the Office of Civic and Social Responsibility.

For sophomore social work major Mirae Deimel, Durango Days has proved to be the perfect place to search for employment opportunities.

Deimel has an interview with Westside Early Childhood Centers scheduled for next week after meeting with employers at the Job and Volunteer Fair.

Other students, including sophomore biology major Tanner Pollock, cite the activities available through Durango Days as their favorite part of the week.

“HPER After Dark was my favorite event because I got to meet a lot of people and wear a sumo suit,” Pollock said.

HPER After Dark featured a wide variety of activities, including rock climbing, volleyball, Zumba and dodgeball.

Sophomore Skyler Limbach, who has a true college student mentality, said the free food available in the Pep Bowl throughout Durango Days was her favorite part of the week.

“My favorite day was free walking-taco day because I love walking tacos and free food, and it
meant I didn’t have to pack a lunch for the day,” Limbach said.

Limbach cites the daily activities available alongside the free food as an added bonus.

“It made it more of a fun event rather than just walking through and grabbing free stuff off each table.,” Limbach said. “My favorite part was the wax hands. I made the sign language I love you sign because it has some sentimental meaning to me.”

Overall, Durango Days seems to have been a successful, fun start to the first week of school for many students, including junior history major Danyele Ysac.

“I think it’s important for UNO to have events like Durango Days because it gives us students a chance to meet new people, have fun and get involved on campus,” Ysac said.

A second week of Durango Day activities will take place during the first week of the spring semester.


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