Don’t sleep; don’t sit; participate


By Katie Shukis

Roarbot! singer Jason Meyer fears people these days are turning into rocks.

His suggested cure for this petrification problem – “Don’t sleep. Don’t sit. Participate!”

Roarbot! is synthesizer-driven pop music performed by a sophisticated master computer. The silver computer is 7 feet tall and weighs more than 600 pounds.

It does not have the appearance of the average computer. The words “Fun, Flair, Dance and Sex Appeal” can be found plastered to the sides of this big machine, along with an array of decorative lighting.

Jason’s father, Stephan H. Meyer, constructed the computer, which the singer says capable of producing the tones and sounds of every instrument known to man. There is no need for amps or instruments on the stage because the computer plays all of the music band members Meyer and Kelly Wirt sing to.

The visual appeal on stage doesn’t end with the flashy computer.

Meyer and Wirt dress in matching uniforms consisting of standard issue brown trousers with black shirts.

There are Roarbot! patches sewn on to the shoulders of the shirts, and they wear orange safety vests to identify themselves as “directors of operations.”

The Roarbot! support team, those responsible for the transport and set-up of the computer equipment, are clad in blue coveralls with a red “R!” insignia on the front and “Roarbot! Support” clearly displayed on their backs.

If you are yet to hear of Roarbot! or see one of its shows, do not feel left out. The band has only been doing live shows for about three months now.

If you have been to a show and are looking for a CD, you may have to wait a while. Meyer and Wirt say they are only human and are still practicing to capture the perfect vocals to compliment the sounds of the computer — a computer that does not make mistakes. Because of this, they are unsure of when their first CD will be released.

Until then, you can satisfy your hunger for Roarbot! at its next show, which will be held Oct. 20 at Farnam Street, 1417 Farnam St.

Jason and Kelly would like their fans to know that the future of their music is upon them.

They say their master computer produces music and sounds that are lifetimes ahead of other music available today.

They also want their fans to be aware that from this point on, their audiences will no longer be permitted to sit down or stand motionless at musical performances. As stated previously, Jason is worried that people are turning into rocks.

“Rocks are no fun to be with,” Meyer said. “Dancing is required.”

In short, if you plan to attend their next show, “Don’t sleep. Don’t sit. Participate!”


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