DivestNU’s Four Demands


Hannah Michelle Bussa

DivestNU is working to have their four demands met by working with the Board of Regents, including student Regents. Photo courtesy of Madison Zucco.

DivestNU held a rally on Friday, Dec. 3 to share their demands to the NU system and to voice their frustration about the administration’s hesitancy to commit publicly to full divestment.

Madison Zucco, a DivestNU core member, shared about the rally and DivestNU’s four demands.

“DivestNU is advocating for a better environment, university and future,” she said. “For many of us, the climate crisis is overwhelming and can seem out of control. Divestment is a way to directly address this and fight for our community. We push for divestment because we want our university to make morally right and economically smart investments. We know that divestment won’t happen overnight, but we also know that the more our administration stays silent on this issue, the worse the outcomes will be.”

DivestNU has been working on divestment for over a year. They have four demands.

She said: “Our four demands are: 1) NU to make a public commitment to fully divest both Fund A and Fund N from CU200 companies by a reasonable date, 2) Formulate an action-oriented plan to achieve full divestment by the promised date, 3) Carry out the plan and achieve full divestment by the promised date, and 4) Complete demands 1-3 in a way that prioritizes transparency to the NU community, involves students in the process, communicates climate change and its many intersections as motivation to divest, and gives credit where credit is due.”

Zucco said these demands are currently not being met by the NU system.

“Students can write to the Board of Regents and their campus chancellors to support these demands,” she said. “Students can also join DivestNU to become more active in supporting these demands.”

Maeve Hemmer, UNO Student Body President and student Regent, said there will be a resolution calling for full divestment up for a vote next semester in UNO’s student government.

At the rally, Hemmer said: “DivestNU has been a catalyst for important conversations regarding sustainable practices at our institution. Their advocacy has brought about improved transparency, empowered student leadership, and vital conversations about how our university can and should be a leader for our future. I am personally in support of full divestment but look forward to allowing our senate to be the official voice of the student body next semester.”