Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson speaks at UNO while on the campaign trail


Megan Schneider

Marianne Williamson speaking at UNO on Nov. 19. Photo by Megan Schneider/the Gateway

American author, activist and 2020 presidential candidate Marianne Williamson spoke at the University of Nebraska at Omaha in the College of Public Affairs and Community Service building on Nov. 19.

“My campaign for the presidency is dedicated to this search for higher wisdom. Its purpose is to create a new political possibility in America — where citizens awaken, our hearts and minds are uplifted, and our democracy once more becomes a thing about which we can all feel proud,” Williamson stated on her official campaign website.

She hopes to repeal the 2017 tax cut and reinforce the middle-class tax cut. Williamson plans to stop corporate subsidies due to $26 billion being spent on oil and gas alone last year.

“Americans are literally dying because they don’t have enough insulin and that needs to stop,” Williamson said.

Issues like healthcare are her priority. Her campaign website states: “The biggest problem with America’s health care system is that it is not a health care system so much as a sickness care system. It reflects an outdated perspective on health and healing, in which far too little attention is given to the actual cultivation of health and prevention of disease.”

She plans to shift to a healthcare system that pays careful attention to environmental, agricultural, chemical and nutritional factors in the world.

Her father was in World War II and she has a mutual respect for the United States military.

Williamson believes that all public policy should be built around one core principle, which is: “What would help people thrive?”

She talked about the American dream and how everyone deserves to pursue their dreams and aspirations in life.

“If you want peace and prosperity, unleash people’s dreams and spirits,” she said.

Williamson was absent at the Democratic debate on Nov. 20 in Atlanta, which marked the third one that she didn’t make the cut for, according to USA Today. Her tweet caught the attention of fellow Americans and voters.

Williamson plans to begin a new chapter in history if she is elected as the first female president. She hopes to establish a U.S. Department of Children and Youth and a U.S. Department of Peace.

Her plan for an end to violence in America, both domestically and internationally, is to utilize the “proven powers of peace-building efforts including dialogue, meditation, conflict resolution, restorative justice and public health approaches to violence prevention.”

She said that her life experience and career has given her the skill to be honest and do what is right as president.

“We need a mother in the White House,” Williamson said. “We can make history, and we should.”