DebateWatch proves successful

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Danielle Meadows

The first DebateWatch event of the semester was held Last Monday. Omaha residents, UNO students
and staff gathered in the Milo Bail Student Center Ballroom. There were multiple projection screens of the event and an assortment of drinks and snacks.

This event brought in people of all ages and backgrounds sharing a common interest in politics and America’s future. Republican candidate Donald Trump focused on topics like immigration, his businesses and terrorism. His democratic opponent Hillary Clinton discussed racism and gender inequality, taxes and her White House experience.

The audience laughed, cringed and cheered throughout. UNO invites the public to attend the Vice Presidential Debate on Tuesday, October 4 at 8pm. This event will be held at the same time on the second floor of the Community Engagement Center.

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“It was very hard to watch and cringe-worthy. Trump’s sentences were not specific.” – Irene Zaiter

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“The debate was heated.  Trump deflected a lot of questions and was unprepared.  But it was a good debate for the most part.” – Cornelius Levering

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“The debate was humorous and disappointing. We should expect more from the candidates.” – Simone Smith


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