Dear editor:


When Thomas Paine wrote his pamphlet Common Sense, he appealed to the reasoning ability of the average person in colonial America. My students know that in using the Socratic method, I appeal to their reasoning ability to answer historical questions. Having taught for 14 years, the last three of them part-time at UNO, I ask you some Common Sense questions about the budget crisis:


1) How does closing the Learning Center and laying off staff at mid-term affect the educational environment?

2) Should you as students accept the dictum that taxes can not be raised, and that the only way to make up for the budget shortfall is through laying off employees and hiking tuition?

3) Do you want larger classes or classes dropped as you seek to complete your degree at UNO?


You are not only students, but citizens, and in many cases voters. Use your political numbers to affect the changes you want.


Mary Lyons-Barrett, PhD



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