Dear editor:


I’m writing this letter in response to the already existing and proposed budget cuts in the College of Arts and Sciences. My major is women’s studies with another major in religion. Until now, I’ve been going about my business as a student. To me, this means doing what I need to do to accomplish the most on a daily basis toward my personal goals. With this is mind, I’ve not been so concerned with what decisions are being made regarding the university as a whole because I’ve just simply trusted all will be done in the best interests of the students.

Today I’m not so sure and frankly, I am feeling horribly insecure about my future here at UNO or college for that matter.

You see, I’m one of those "non-conventional students" who didn’t come here straight out of high school. I’m here as an adult with 10 years post-high school life experience. I don’t necessarily need a degree to earn a living.

I’ve been in the human services field throughout these years where there’s not a long line of volunteers knocking down the door to care for people with developmental and other disabilities. I can always go back to managing group homes degreeless, picking up right where I left off.

I came here after a series of life-changing experiences for the simple joy of enrichment. My focus is in Arts and Sciences because that’s what sings true to my heart. I’ve taken and am now enrolled in several classes in religion and in women’s studies. I am not concerned with the question of "What are you going to do with it when you graduate?" because I know it will be something great! I’ve already done great things, (in my own heart) so I absolutely know I’m destined for something bigger. Until today I felt confident in that.

I ask that our voices be heard. These cuts are not OK. I can live without the convenience of the Learning Center because I have confidence someone will provide similar services/resources to us somewhere here on campus, even if they have to throw all the books into their own office and allow students to muddle through while volunteers assist the best they can in the process of doing their own work. The faculty is just that generous. But these cuts to the religion department affect my very future here at UNO, as well in my life in general. My college career defines who I am right now. Please know that I am not alone in this. There are many of us who come to UNO because we want to, not for fear of not having a future economically or status-wise. Enrichment and contribution to my community drive me.

Someone made a joke that while all these severely detrimental cuts are being made, lights are being left on all over campus. Sort of reminds me of being told to shut the light off after leaving my bedroom when I was little. But this is not a trivial statement being made within the context of the obvious. We are not that unintelligent. We, as students, know at a very basic level that alternatives exist. In choosing among various alternatives, the administration needs to listen to input from those affected by the proposed cuts.


Christian Quello

Religion and women’s studies major



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