DC Entertainment anticipates a comeback despite crumbling cinema industry


Candice Mayfield

DC Entertainment returns to the scene as their own superhero after the company faced a string of box-office flops and a COVID-19 imposed hiatus.

The company recently hosted DC FanDome: Hall of Heroes, a virtual event for fans across the globe to get a sneak peek at new movie trailers, announcements and gameplay footage.

A highlight for viewers was the big reveal of the much-anticipated reboot of the longtime DC favorite: “Batman”. Fans can expect to see a new face behind the Dark Knight’s mask. Robert Pattinson is the new kid on the block in the DC Multiverse and is predicted to bring the Dark Knight’s role to a new level.

The DC FanDome released the first major movie trailer for “The Batman,” which has critics on the edge of their seats. The trailer reveals a more intense, brutal and mysterious tone than ever before. Director Matt Reeves attended the unveiling of the trailer at the virtual FanDome event.

Mark Hughes, arts and entertainment writer for Forbes, says “Reeves is building a brand-new corner of the DC Universe, with a Batman in a world we’ve not seen on film before and which isn’t shared by any of the other existing DC superhero film franchises.”

The return of the crime-fighting superhero will bring a more violent, relentless fighting style as a younger, flawed Batman starts to discover his role in the city of Gotham.

Reeves says the plot “touches on his origins” without being a standalone origin story. The movie will focus on him finding his way in the city’s established novelty “freak” villains and will also depict his lesser known role as a young detective. The blockbuster is slated to hit the big screen at the end of 2021.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought several of the DC productions to a halt. DC Entertainment and Warner Bros needed to think of a way to return to the scene and to reunite the DC Multiverse again. The DC FanDome event generated 22 million views in its 24 hour stream that included other movie announcements for “Wonder Woman 1984” and “The Suicide Squad.”

Blair Rich, president of worldwide marketing for Warner Bros. Pictures Group sparked the idea in April to hold the initial DC FanDome event on Aug. 22. The thought process behind it all was to bring fans back together in the only way they could: virtually.

“You could already feel this sort of detachment and the loneliness of COVID, and we thought this could bring fans together,” says Rich. “We wanted it to feel as much as possible as a physical destination and gathering place for fans to celebrate and discover.”

The event was considered a success and is said to have set the tone for future virtual conventions of the sort. DC FanDome, which started out as an experimental test-run, was overwhelmed with positive reviews and requests for another livestream.

Mark your calendars because the event will return for a second run after popular demand from viewers. The event “DC FanDome: Explore the Multiverse,” will take place for another livestream on Sept. 12, at 10 a.m. PT.