CWS experiences first weather delay of series


Jack Hoover

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A trip to Omaha wouldn’t be complete without a little inclement weather.

This certainly seemed to be the case today, as visiting fans at the College World Series had to deal with a rain-induced weather delay.

The first game of the CWS today, a matchup between Louisville and Auburn, had to be called off in the fourth inning due to heavy rain in the Omaha area and will not be played until tomorrow.

Today’s other scheduled game between Mississippi State and Vanderbilt won’t be played until tomorrow, as well.

Today’s rain may not be the last that fans see at the CWS. According to, there should be a few more thunderstorms expected on Friday and Saturday of this week.

While the forecast doesn’t look too promising, this year’s CWS is unlikely to reach the levels of rain that were seen at last year’s tournament. The opening day of the 2018 CWS saw an almost-record-breaking 6.16 inches of rain. Things didn’t improve much from there, as a total of five days were affected by weather delays that year.

Even if this year isn’t as bad as last year, it is important to exercise caution and prepare for all different types of weather at the CWS, whether it be rain or shine.

In the event of lightning storms, it is advised to seek shelter immediately. In the possible event of the more severe storms at the CWS, the NCAA has evacuation plans in place in order to keep fans safe.

While the rain might seem like the biggest concern, it is also important to stay aware of any dangers posed by intense heat as well.

Temperatures in June in Omaha can climb into the high 80s or even further. For days when the temperatures get that high, the Center for Disease Control recommends drinking lots of water and to wear and reapply sunscreen as often as is recommended on the bottle. More tips can be found on

Weather permitting, the CWS will get back underway tomorrow. That game between Louisville and Auburn can be watched on ESPN.