Crime log: Disturbance, alcohol violation reported at Scott Village


Due to our commitment to keeping our fellow Mavericks safe, The Gateway publishes weekly crime-log updates.

These updates are designed to keep people informed on what is happening right here on campusbio-icon.

The crime-log is public record and anyone can stop by the Campus Security office and flip through it.

Here are the most recent notes:

Monday, Nov. 9:

A disturbance was reported in a room at Scott Village, a student was found causing a disturbance. The Omaha Police department arrived and the student was removed from campus and referred for conduct violations.

Thursday, Nov. 12:

Public safety responded to a report of a possible alcohol violation at Scott Village. The Omaha Police Department responded as well. Two students were issued citations for procuring alcohol for a minor; two students and two visitors were issued citations for minor in pos-session of alcoholic beverages. One student was released.


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