Classic horror flicks still pack a Halloween punch


By Brittany Stevens – Contributor




f you’re looking for a spine-tingling Halloween evening, look no further than these Halloween horror flicks.

Instead of hitting the streets for some trick-or-treating this year, treat yourself to one of these Halloween movies. They’re guaranteed to be more horrifying than hoards of kids fighting for the last candy bar.

Saw (2004): “Saw” follows the stories of people being held captive by a sadistic serial killer, Jigsaw, who has taken it upon himself to teach bad people a lesson. The blood and gore from this movie is what makes it scary, and the words, “I want to play a game,” will give you goosebumps while watching.

The Exorcist (1973): “The Exorcist” tells the tale of a girl who has been inhabited by an evil spirit as her mother and priests try to get it to leave her body. It has made’s “Top Scariest Movies of All Time” list several years in a row and is sure to make you jump out of your seat.

The Shining (1980): Based on Stephen King’s bestselling book, “The Shining” is about a man who takes a position as an off-season caretaker for a haunted hotel. Overwhelmed by the hotel’s strange happenings, he plunges into insanity and attempts to kill his family. This movie is a horror classic you have to see.

The Ring (2002): “The Ring” is about a haunted past captured on videotape, which causes people to die exactly seven days after they watch it. A journalist is determined to get to the bottom of the story behind the tape, but she gets far more than she bargained for.

It (1990): Based on another Stephen King’s book, “It” tells the story of a demonic clown who terrorizes a small town. If nothing else, this movie will forever change the way you think of clowns.

Eye See You (2002): “Eye See” You follows the story of FBI agents cut off from the outside world during a snowstorm. A killer terrorizes the agents, making for a hair-raising story.

Quarantine (2008): A television reporter and cameraman go on a 911 call with a group of firemen. The call takes them to a building where a woman inside has been infected with an unknown virus. Upon entering the building, they find it has been quarantined, and they are locked inside with a disease that turns humans into blood-thirsty beings.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974): A killer has to hunt prey to feed his family. Unfortunately, his prey happens to be human victims. After you see it, this movie will make you jump every time you hear a chainsaw. The fact that this movie is inspired by a true story makes it even creepier.


For those of you who aren’t into horror flicks but want to watch something with a bit of a creepy factor, check out these movies:

Child’s Play (1988): Child’s Play is about a killer doll named Chucky who goes on a killing spree. He tells his owner Andy about his killings, but Andy spills the story to adults too late. While it may sound scary, this movie is more humorous than anything.

Gremlins (1984): Miniature monsters, which closely resemble Furbies, are on a mission of destruction. While it has a slightly creepy undertone, this movie will have you chuckling at its ridiculousness.


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