Chemistry field day ends with a bang


By Joe Shearer, Photo Editor

On April 2, Durham Science Center hosted more than 200 students from 14 high schools to engage in competitive activities throughout the day.

While most of the metro area was enjoying the warmth of a sunny Saturday afternoon, the area’s chemistry-keen high school students strapped on some goggles, lit Bunsen burners and took part in the 28th Annual Chemistry Field Day at UNO.

After a long day of brain busting, the students and accompanying teachers gathered in the presentation room of CPACS where Emeritus Professor Daniel Sullivan delivered a humorous and educational CAPOW – or Chemistry and Physics on Wheels- presentation.

The animated Sullivan had the entire room chuckling at his numerous, witty quips while he made explosions, showered students with a fire extinguisher and performed other, less-dazzling experiments.

An awards ceremony for the day’s competitions followed the presentation.

After 28 straight years, the chemistry field day continues to be a successful event. Getting a couple of hundred high school students to spend a whole Saturday (a gorgeous one, at that) close to the end of the school year to work on science is no easy feat.

It’s a fine way for budding scientific minds to showcase their knowledge outside the normal classroom setting.


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