Celebrating the 50th birthday of Black Studies Department at UNO


Sara Meadows

Black Studies faculty and staff invite all to join them in celebrating their 50th anniversary this year. Photo courtesy of Black Studies at UNO.

The Black Studies department at the University of Nebraska-Omaha is celebrating their 50th birthday (1971-2021.)

The department of Black Studies was founded after 54 Black UNO students went to jail in November of 1969, protesting for Black studies courses. Two years later, the department of Black Studies was established.

Cynthia Robinson, Chair of the Black Studies department at UNO, explains why it is not only important to celebrate Black History Month, but to celebrate Black history every month, all year.

“When you do not understand the history of this country and the history of the world, when it comes to Africa and African people, you’re losing out,” says Robinson.

For their 50th anniversary, the Black Studies department will be celebrating with a full year of events that will deepen our understanding and appreciation of the global African world.

An Online seminar series for spring 2022 will include:

  • Thursday, Feb. 10 @ 6 p.m. – Dr. Quincy Mills (University of Maryland – College Park) A historical analysis of the role of the barbershop in the Black Community
  • Thursday, Feb. 17 @ 6 p.m. – Dr. Valethia Watkins (Howard Univ.) African-centered approach to the study of Black women
  • Thursday, Feb. 24 @ 6 p.m. – Dr. Dawne Curry (UN- Lincoln) Black Women’s activism in apartheid-South Africa and the Jim Crow-South.
  • Thursday, March 10 @ 6 p.m. The Sentencing Project – Part two

“Black Studies expands your world,” says Robinson.

For more information about events and registration details ,you can visit their website at www.cas.unomaha.edu/blst50.