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By Kelsey Archer

*I’d rather listen to a construction worker break concrete.
** Perhaps I’ll hear this again at a party in another country.
***Decent, but not good enough to take home to mom.
****So good I’ll take two.Desaparecidos
*Read Music/Speak Spanish*
Saddle Creek
This compact disc — surprisingly — took root in Omaha. In fact the development took place in the Omaha area and the band plays at many local venues. The music resembles that of coffee house background music or, in rare cases, a live performance.
The entire CD is themed around development or some sort of industrial ideology. Rather than the normal format, the inside cover resembles a city planning department proposal. Each track is an issue waiting to be discussed. Ironically, the disc delves into many heartland amenities.
Oh, and for the Omaha lovers, the band even takes the time to say the word “Omaha” on track three, titled “Greater Omaha.”
This nine-track album dives into many exciting topics such as sports utility vehicles, finances and malls. For a local tour of Omaha’s culture through music, go to
Josh Groban
*Josh Groban
Warner Bros.
This compact disc has distinct qualities that are typical of the opera. Some songs are composed in different languages, which add cultural flavor. Several of the songs on this 13-track CD include “You’re Still You,” “Let Me Fall” and “The Prayer.”
The songs flow as the words roll off Groban’s tongue like raindrops from the sky. The music gives a peaceful churchy feeling.
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*Misdirected Jealousy*
The vibration of this 10-track CD invigorates the body and soul. The rhythm is different in every track, blending high and low notes to make a stellar combination.
Each track is remixed to add a spark to the original version. With bass sounds like the beating of a heart ,this album screams for the dance floor.
Songs like “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,” “Realize” and “Jealousy” bring the CD alive. This DJ really knows how to spin. The music truly creates an invigorated atmosphere without any words.
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