Fraternities battle in highly attended flag football rivalry

By Phil Brown, Contributor Some of the biggest fall intramural sporting events in Omaha and certainly UNO are the rivalry games between UNO’s Pi Kappa...

Former NFL Hall of Famer and Omaha Central Alumnus Gale Sayer’s Legacy Lives On

Hannah Michelle Bussa CONTRIBUTOR Gale Sayers, former NFL player for the Chicago Bears and Omaha Central High School alumnus, died on Sept. 23, 2020 at the...

Lions and Cowboys: The Titans of Thanksgiving?

Jackson Piercy CONTRIBUTOR The NFL’s season typically reaches its midpoint around Thanksgiving--but since 1966, two teams have dominated Turkey Day television. One of these teams is...

Ray Rice domestic violence scandal puts focus on bigger issue

By Avery Wenck Asst. Sports Editor With all of the recent trouble the NFL has had, especially this week, I thought it would be good...

Ex-Mav Miller looks to excel in NFL

Across the country, outside the limelight of the Aaron Rodgers' and Chris Johnson's of the NFL, there are hundreds of pro football players patiently waiting for their spot to climb up the ranks of their position. Zach Miller, a former Maverick star quarterback, is one of those players.

Fantasy Football: Keys to having the perfect league

By Nick Beaulieu, Editor-In-Chief It’s the end of September, and you’re glued to the Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Arizona Cardinals game on Sunday. It’s the fourth...

Super Bowl XLVII

After the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens punched their tickets to Super Bowl XLVII, the big game became chocked full of storylines to choose from.  The most intriguing  brings the two head coaches, Jim Harbaugh (San Francisco) and John Harbaugh (Baltimore), together head-to-head in what is being dubbed the "Har-bowl".  

No Quick Fix in Jacksonville

Last Tuesday, Jacksonville Jaguar quarterback David Garrard did his part to attend a team-sponsored luncheon with fans to drum up support and sell season tickets.  Just two hours later, he was released from the team.

How's that again?  They released him from the team?

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