Introducing ‘Dear Durango,’ The Gateway’s new advice column

Claire Redinger DIGITAL EDITOR Advice: Sometimes we need it, and sometimes we give it. Sometimes we Google it, and sometimes we call our moms for it. Sometimes,...

UNO Cribs

By Richard Larson, Opinion Editor

UNO Cribs

By Richard Larson, Opinion Editor

Morgann Freeman on being surveilled by OPD

Hannah Michelle Bussa CONTRIBUTOR On February 25, NOISE reported on the records requested by the ACLU of Nebraska that show the Omaha Police Department surveilled Black...

Chinese vs. Western parenting: which is number one?

Professor Amy Chua of Yale Law School is the author of "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother." In the essay "Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior," Chua challenges Western parenting techniques, the aptitudes of its children and their work ethic. Chua points out that in Chinese culture, mothers also want the best for their children.  However, they have a different concept of how to make their children the best.

What your classroom seat preference says about you

By Noelle Ashley, Contributor It’s the first day of class, you walk into the lecture hall of your first course of the semester: you check...

The Gateway Unpacks: What stands in the way of a $15 minimum wage?

Anton Johnson COLUMNIST The Gateway Unpacks is a column that seeks to make political news, both local and national, accessible to anybody. The Democrats have had control...