Welcome Week brings entertainment, opportunities to students

Welcome Week was in full swing in the Milo Bail Student Center Plaza last week. It gave students days and nights filled with entertainment.

Time Magazine honoree Dulce Matuz speaks at UNO

Approximately 645,000 youth are not able to receive college education in the United States because of their undocumented status. Dulce Matuz, an undocumented immigrant herself, chose to use her voice to fight for their rights.

Snow day was a chance to test new warning system

Andrew Evans, eagerly awaiting the news of a snow day on Thursday, couldn't contain his excitement when he received a text from UNO on Wednesday night. Reading that all activities and classes scheduled on campus on Feb. 21 had been cancelled, the text message signaled a day of winter weather, safety from less than favorable road conditions and refuge from his 7 a.m. English class.
UNO's emergency text messaging system, which sends instant alerts directly to registered subscribers' e-mail accounts and mobile devices via text message, sent phones abuzz Wednesday night when users were alerted of a snow day for Thursday. Hundreds of subscribed students like Evans are now the first to know of any UNO related emergencies due to the system and the number of subscribers increasing as telecommunication implements a new plan to increase membership to the system.

Thinking off the grid

It's your first semester at UNO and on a bigger campus. It might be intimidating, especially for those of us whose mode of mobility isn't the usual two feet. For those who use wheels to get around, there is additional stress the first few weeks of college. But if you think creatively and try some unique routes, you might feel a bit more confident during your transition to university life.  

Sorority golfs for a cause

Instead of sleeping in past noon, junior Schuyler Dougherty spent his Sunday morning teeing off at Tregaron golf course at 8 a.m

Influential Rabbi selected for Sokoloff lecture

Rabbi Daniel Gordis, president of the Shalem Foundation and a senior fellow at the Shalem Center in Jerusalem, will lecture on Israel's future at the third annual Phil and Ruth Sokoloff lecture.

A flood of fun

Last Thursday, Sept. 26, there was a contest to guess how many gallons would flood a portion of the University of Nebraska at Omaha's campus. No, it wasn't for a drill, and it certainly wasn't for an academic building. Instead it was for the bioretention garden located outside the Welcome Center.