Gold Rush- The Gateway picks who should walk away with statues come Oscar Sunday

The fight for Hollywood’s biggest prize was between a soaring historical drama and the little astronaut movie that dazzled everyone- until a 1970s dramedy...

UNO Dodge Campus Housing designated as state emergency housing

Grant Rohan NEWS EDITOR The University of Nebraska system has entered into an agreement with the State of Nebraska and Nebraska Department of Health and Human...

Missing Scholar Has Yet to be Reunited with Family After Four Years

Erin Wendt Contributor Dr. Rahile Dawut, mother, scholar, and expert of Uyghur studies at Xinjiang University in China, disappeared in 2017 when traveling to Beijing...

New travel ban affects UNO community

Grant Sobetski CONTRIBUTOR In a statement on Sept. 24, 2017, the Trump administration announced a newly revised travel ban, which will affect members of the UNO...

Hiking to Help Sudanese refugees

A refugee camp in Doro, Southern Sudan, currently accommodates 25,000 refugees. Half of the new arrivals are children; nearly 2,000 are unaccompanied by adults.

Student organize $3,500 bake sale for Japan

When Josh Campbell saw the devastation in the aftermath of the 8.9 magnitude earthquake and the subsequent tsunami that hit Japan in March, he felt a instinctive need to reach out to the shattered nation.

African terror becomes visible to UNO community

Students and community members anxious to learn more about the organization Invisible Children left the MBSC Ballroom April 13 with knowledge of a conflict completely foreign to U.S. soil.

Students receive once in a lifetime study abroad opportunity

Zach Griffith and Hannah Gill have no words to properly express their excitement. Griffith and Gill are two of 16 students who received scholarships from the University of Nebraska system to study abroad in India this summer.
Participants will study in Mumbai and Jalgaon from late June to early July. The trip, India Critical Issues, focuses on India's development. Topics to be studied include food and water sustainability, entrepreneurship, public health, education and urbanization.