Iraq: 10 years later

Most remember the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the subsequent invasion of Iraq. But in the 10 years since, there hasn't been much news about Iraq.

World AIDS Day

Hannah Michelle Bussa NEWS EDITOR World AIDS Day was commemorated on Dec. 1 to honor those living with HIV and AIDS, remember those who have died,...

From Milan to Omaha

Martina Saltamacchia stumbled into the study of history. Since starting out in Milan, her career has been on the fast track. It brought her to UNO where she hopes to find a permanent home for her professional career.

Hiking to Help Sudanese refugees

A refugee camp in Doro, Southern Sudan, currently accommodates 25,000 refugees. Half of the new arrivals are children; nearly 2,000 are unaccompanied by adults.

Scotland makes history as the first country to allow access to free menstrual products

Zach Gilbert NEWS EDITOR On Tuesday, Nov. 24, Scotland became the first country in the world to require free and universal access to period products such...

Afghan scholar escapes back to UNO, but much is left at Taliban’s mercy

James Knowles A&E EDITOR In a harrowing journey that has been covered by local, national and international news, Hanif Sufizada escaped from Afghanistan’s capital city Kabul...

UNO panel discusses changes in Egypt

A young college graduate faces the world with optimism only to be stonewalled by the harsh reality of a tough job market.  Months go by with no prospects in their field.  Five years later and still no work.  This is the economic and social frustration that led an entire country to start a movement based not on political affiliations, but a need for change in Egypt.

Gold Rush- The Gateway picks who should walk away with statues come Oscar Sunday

The fight for Hollywood’s biggest prize was between a soaring historical drama and the little astronaut movie that dazzled everyone- until a 1970s dramedy...