Students receive once in a lifetime study abroad opportunity

Zach Griffith and Hannah Gill have no words to properly express their excitement. Griffith and Gill are two of 16 students who received scholarships from the University of Nebraska system to study abroad in India this summer.
Participants will study in Mumbai and Jalgaon from late June to early July. The trip, India Critical Issues, focuses on India's development. Topics to be studied include food and water sustainability, entrepreneurship, public health, education and urbanization.

How China is changing UNO’s recycling program

Charlotte Reilly NEWS EDITOR China has stopped accepting recycling from the west coast, and it’s affecting the University of Nebraska at Omaha, too. States like Oregon and...

World AIDS Day

Hannah Michelle Bussa NEWS EDITOR World AIDS Day was commemorated on Dec. 1 to honor those living with HIV and AIDS, remember those who have died,...

Iraq: 10 years later

Most remember the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the subsequent invasion of Iraq. But in the 10 years since, there hasn't been much news about Iraq.

Neuroscience student selected for Munich Brain Course

By Nathan Stephenson, Contributor University of Nebraska at Omaha student Shauna Kister will travel to Munich, Germany in March to attend an exclusive, international neuroscience conference. Kister, a junior neuroscience...

Student organize $3,500 bake sale for Japan

When Josh Campbell saw the devastation in the aftermath of the 8.9 magnitude earthquake and the subsequent tsunami that hit Japan in March, he felt a instinctive need to reach out to the shattered nation.

Afghan scholar escapes back to UNO, but much is left at Taliban’s mercy

James Knowles A&E EDITOR In a harrowing journey that has been covered by local, national and international news, Hanif Sufizada escaped from Afghanistan’s capital city Kabul...

Boren offers alternative study abroad opportunity

With UNO's Study Abroad Fair just around the corner, students were invited to learn more about the Boren scholarship program, an award given to students interested in studying abroad in underrepresented areas. Aimee Hutton, a representative of the Boren program, spoke with UNO students Sept. 16 in the Milo Bail Student Center.