Campus shortcuts, Blazing new trails on your way to class to save time and acquire protection

Photo by Evan Ludes/ The Gateway Select buildings on your way to class for the best shortcuts.
Photo by Evan Ludes/ The Gateway
Select buildings on your way to class for the best shortcuts.

By Richard Larson, Opinion Editor

Campus shortcuts offer protection from climate conditions. We all have our trade secrets for navigating campus. Some bring their Razor scooters or ride the shuttle between campus stops, while others utilize the buildings between them and their target destination. More specifically, there is a strategy known to few that allows protection from the harsh weather conditions. The concept does not have a definite name, but for now we will call it building bumping. The art of building bumping is simply passing through buildings along the way to class. However, keep in mind that you never want to select buildings that are too far out of your way. This method is most efficient for Dodge Campus, as Pacific Campus only has two academic buildings. The shuttles make regular stops at each of these buildings and eventually stop at the residence halls.

Durham to Arts & Sciences

This journey is often the most unattractive, as it is likely the most common trek for a large variety of majors. Consider heading out of the south doors of Durham and proceed to the library. From there, take the stairs down to the shuttle foyer and enter the west doors of the CEC. Scurry through to the east doors and enter CPACS through the nearest doors, or take a right if HPER is on the itinerary. Exit CPACS on the east side and enter Allwine through the west doors. Head down to the ground level on the east side and make your way across the Pep Bowl. The west doors of ASH are just beyond that. Reverse these steps for ASH to Durham.

Criss Library to Milo Bail

Whether you are conducting business or taking a leisurely stroll, the path from the library to the student center is a quick one. Exit the Criss Library via the main level south doors and head northeast through parking lots D & E. Enter Strauss through the west doors and exit through the northeast doors. Just across the way are the doors to the second floor of Milo Bail. If Eppley is on the agenda, continue through the student center and exit out the north doors, Eppley will be just to your right. Reverse these steps if the library is the destination.

Maverick Village or University Village to Criss Library

For you Mavericks living on Dodge Campus wanting to get some studying done, enter the Weber Fine Arts building through the southwest doors and follow the hallway to the north doors. Exit and the library is short walk to the right. If it’s raining, the overhead protection of the library leading up to the doors will keep you dry. Reverse these steps if you are looking to get back to your dorm.

Arts and Sciences to Milo Bail

This route has always sparked a debate. Is it better to cross the Pep Bowl directly or follow the treeline along Eppley? Building bumping is not an option in this case if you are concerned with efficiency. Walking through the baron landscape of the Pep Bowl is not for the faint-hearted. If snow has accumulated there, boots and dogsledding is ideal. If it’s raining, enjoy your adventure through the quicksand-like mud pools. Following Eppley’s treeline is the safer option with slight overhead protection and optimal viewing of the tributes lost in the Pep Bowl battle. These alternative routes may or may not add a couple minutes onto your journey, I understand that. But if there is a crippling wind chill, torrential downpour of precipitation or wind gusts big enough to ruin your flow, then building bumping will surely offer benefits. In addition to protection from weather woes, shortcutting through buildings will keep you updated on campus events as you pass by bulletin boards and info screens. If these buildings are new territory to you, then take building bumping as a learning opportunity to connect with campus. Try equipping yourself with a stopwatch and track your times. By the end of the semester, you’ll have the calf muscles of an Olympic athlete. Remember to hydrate, and avoid one-strapping the backpack for walking comfort.


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