Bullpen sponsors pep rally for weekend’s key sports contests


By Rebecca Whitney

Halloween decorations were alongside student’s tents, setting the atmosphere for an evening full of Maverick spirit. More than 70 students and student athletes as well as members of the UNO athletics department came out and showed their support for the Mavericks during a pep rally hosted by the Bullpen.

The Bullpen is the newly created student section, sponsored by Metro Credit Union. The rally was held Wednesday evening in the pep bowl.

Jon Green, president of the Bullpen, got the night going by addressing the athletes with his rallying words, “The folks of this community and campus are so proud of you.”

Green challenged the Maverick supporters to “get crazy” and “act a little nuts” at Thursday’s football game against South Dakota and hockey series against the University of Michigan.

Team captains Jeff Souder and Stuart Frazier represented the football team. Souder got the crowd going when he said, “We don’t need 80,000 fans at a football game. What we have we are content with. Give us your noise.”

Frazier rallied Maverick students to come to the games and keep the spirit alive saying, “Their teams don’t beat you, but their fans beat you.”

After a pumpkin-pushing contest, the Red Army, a group of “crazy adult” hockey boosters, encouraged the efforts of the Bullpen.

“The Bull is absolutely magic,” said Rick Jeffries of the Red Army. He challenged the Maverick supporters to beat the Red Army’s efforts at cheering and showing spirit.

“If you wake up Sunday morning and still have a voice, you didn’t scream hard enough,” he said.

The pep rally, a great showing of university spirit, was well received by the attending students interested in supporting their winning athletics teams.

“The atmosphere is extremely warm despite the chilling temperatures,” said sophomore Aaron Sherrill.

Sophomore and soccer player Jessica Powers also had positive thoughts for the evening as a whole.

“Already this year there has been more support from the fans,” she said. “I think this will only help with school spirit and athletic support.


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