A brief history: Corey Feldman

Photo Courtesy of viralscape.com
Photo Courtesy of viralscape.com

Jeff Turner

Former child actor Corey Feldman gave a live performance from his new album Sept. 16, and it was…weird. Like some bizarre effort to emulate Prince crossed with dubstep and awful late ‘90s alternative. It did not harmonize at all and ended up sounding like noise. Feldman’s dancing only added to the bizarre element of it. He looked like a marionette—no stage presence.

Feldman’s response to the bad buzz and comments was that they would have driven him to suicide when he was younger. Anyone who knows the internet at this point can guess the comments.

How did we get to this point? Feldman used to be this cute child actor, yeah? How did he turn into Crispin Glover?

In the beginning, Feldman was mainly in commercials and bit parts on TV shows. Feldman’s first major film success came in 1984 with a small part in “Gremlins.” He had a few small roles in film throughout the early ‘80s, and he did not truly end up finding success until “The Goonies” and “Stand By Me,” and continued through the decade with “License to Drive” and “The Lost Boys.”

After the ‘80s, Feldman went on for a little while. He was Donatello the Ninja Turtle in the first two films which was his main success. Afterwards he, like many child actors before him, devolved into drugs. He was back on his feet by the mid-‘90s, sort of. He released a Rock album entitled “Love Left.” It got middling reviews, and was largely unremarkable. Feldman tries way too hard for a classic rock sound and just cannot pull it off.

The rest of the ‘90s, the 2000s and the 2010s saw Feldman mainly end up on tabloids (although he was far from a star), and he got weirder. Vice Magazine describes a writer’s experience at one of Feldman’s parties, where you could pay to hang out with women in lingerie titled “Corey’s Angels.” The writer was accused of being a pervert. The second time Vice went to Feldman’s was largely uneventful, but some of the décor around the house included bizarre trinkets like penis piñatas.

Feldman was also involved in the Michael Jackson child molestation trials. His initial statement was: “I started looking at each piece of information, and with that came this sickening realization that there have been many occurrences in my life and in my relationship to Michael that have created a question of doubt.” Later, when more people came forward accusing Jackson of child molestation, Feldman actually came to Jackson’s defense.

So Feldman is a weirdo who holds bizarre parties and makes bad music. What went wrong? Feldman has said that both he and his friend Corey Haim were victims of child molestation in the ‘80s. Haim died in 2010 after an accidental over-dose of prescription medication combined with pneumonia and Feldman has become the person he is, so this is not implausible.

Many parents put their kids out there and pressure them into show business, but they do not prepare them for things such as child molesters, nor do they prepare to help these kids deal with their newfound power. It seems obvious but no one seems to figure that out.


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