BREAKING: Sixteen UNO students recently tested positive for COVID-19


Leta Lohrmeyer

Sixteen UNO students have tested positive for COVID-19, thirteen are student-athletes, according to UNO’s Office of Health Security. Photo courtesy of UNO Communications.

Sixteen UNO students have recently tested positive for COVID-19. Thirteen of which are student-athletes, according to data released by UNO’s Office of Health Security.

The data was sent in an email announcement early this morning. In the report, the Office of Health Security stated there are 44 total reported COVID cases at UNO since the beginning of the summer. Thirty-five cases are students and nine are employees, there are no hospitalizations that the university knows of.

The 13 student-athlete cases were confirmed through tests conducted on Aug. 28, stated the email. All were asymptomatic. The NCAA requires daily health checks along with testing and results within 72 hours of competition in high contact sports. 

“UNO Athletics conducts baseline testing for all student-athletes in conjunction with the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC), Nebraska Medicine and UNO’s Office of Health Security,” stated the Office of Health Security’s email. 

Four athletics programs have paused all workouts due to quarantine requirements. The Summit League also officially postponed the fall sports season, which includes men’s and women’s soccer, cross country and volleyball.

The Office of Health Security traced the students’ contact, three of the 13 cases identified have been classified as campus acquired. 

Three other students, not in athletics, also tested positive. Tracking of the number UNO COVID-19 cases can be found on UNO’s Health Reporting website

Students who develop symptoms should contact Dr. Jane Meza, the Executive Director of the Health Security Office ( to receive assistance with additional screening, testing referrals, and quarantine or isolation if needed. Any student who tests positive and lives on campus will be given options to relocate to campus housing specifically designated for quarantine purposes or to quarantine off-campus.

The Office of Health Security’s email also emphasized the importance of social distancing, face masks and the use of the 1-Check UNO self-screening app. These measures are crucial for prevention or early detection.

More information about UNO’s COVID-19 prevention efforts can be found on UNO’s Fall Foward website.