Best Places to Grab a Burger in Omaha

Megan Fabry

Nebraska is known around the world for our unrivaled quality of meat. Because of this, we have access to some of the best burgers anywhere in the country. Each burger joint in Omaha has their own unique recipes to share with residents and visitors.

  1. Smitty’s Garage- 7610 Dodge St.

Smitty’s Garage has 19 locations spanning across several states. Their burgers range from classic cheese and lettuce to peanut butter, bacon bits and sweet jalapeño relish. For those who are gluten-free or vegan, just simply ask for a gluten free bun or a garlic quinoa vegan patty as an alternative. Smitty’s Garage also has a wide range of cocktails and beers for those of age to pair with their burger of choice.


  1. Five Guys’- 7345 Dodge St.

Five Guys’ has a concise menu of burgers, hot dogs and sandwiches that can be coupled with french fries cooked in peanut oil and filled to overflowing in large beverage cups. Choose as many of their 15 free toppings as you dare, but be warned: these delectable burgers will leave you full to bursting.


  1. Louie M’s Burger Lust- 1718 Vinton St.

From its humble beginnings as a simple donut and juice joint to a full-service restaurant, Louie M’s Burger Lust is not a place to underestimate. They offer breakfast and lunch seven days a week and serve dinner three days a week on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. They serve 22 different kinds of burgers with a variety of choices for each palate such as a taco burger, a Cajun burger, an Italian burger and many more. Pair your burger with chili fries, onion rings or even an adult shake, made with your choice of Rum Chata, Khalua or Bailey’s.


  1. Modern Love- 3157 Farnam St.

This unique restaurant offers vegan takes on classic comfort foods. Their modern cheeseburger, made with cashew cheddar and a house-made lentil seitan burger is sure to make anyone with an empty stomach happy and guilt-free. End your stop there with one of their mouthwatering desserts, such as cookies ‘n cream cheesecake, Snickers pie or a warm apple tart.


  1. Dinker’s Bar & Grill – 2368 S. 29th

Dinker’s first opened in 1965 and has used those 53 years to perfect their burger recipes. Their haystack burger, topped with American cheese, honey-smoked ham and a fried egg. Try out Dinker’s for their quality food at a classic Omaha establishment.