Best places to grab a bite on campus


By Ciara Watson

It’s high noon; you are on campus at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. You just finished what seems like the hardest exam of your student career. Walking out of class, your stomach starts to growl and the hunger pains begin.

Next comes an enormous headache, followed by dry mouth to top off your hair-pulling exam.

A big question still lingers, especially in your stomach. What and where can you get something to eat on campus that’s not only reason-ably priced and tastes good, but is also quick enough so you can make it to your next class on time?

The No. 1 spot to grab a bite to eat on campus is the Milo Bail Student Center. Who hasn’t walked up those wooden stairs with silver stilts? As you enter the Milo Bail Student Center, it’s easier to take the scenic route. Walking passed the Aksarben Room and the Nebraska Conference Room, with an ATM on your right, comfy booths on your left and tables to eat on all around you, you might get a feeling that this lunch will be here to stay.

The actual Food Court entrance itself is quite modern. As you step through a turnabout that looks like you should be giving someone a token for passing through, and looking all around you will notice the pre-made sandwiches to fit your every desire to the left.

Accompanying those sandwiches are cups of fresh fruit and yogurts snacks to match; those are prices that vary on the season. Some students feel that walking up those wooden stairs are too much of a workout for something quick to eat, but take advice from someone who has walked up and down those stairs more than once: There is no other place on campus that you will get a better selection of food regardless of their prices. For example:


Jasmine’s offers Thai cuisine starting at $5.80
Stir-Fry Beef, Chicken, or Tofu Broccoli Beef Almond Chicken Teriyaki Chicken Thai Chicken Lo Mein Beef Egg rolls Crab Rangoon

Chuck Wagon’s offers American deli cuisine starting at $5.49

Pasado’s offers Mexican cuisine starting at $3.99
Big Burrito Naked Burrito Tacos Nacho Supreme Pasado’s Potatoes

Dagwood’s offers American deli (sandwich on bread or in a wrap) cuisine starting at $4.25
Turkey & American Beef & Cheddar The Italian Ham & Swiss

American Grill offers American deli (breakfast or lunch sandwiches) cuisines starting at $.60
Hash browns Bacon/Sausage, Egg, and Cheese sandwiches Toast Cheeseburgers/Hamburgers Chicken Strips Chicken Sandwiches Fries

Greenfield’s offers salad’s for $.39 per once
Tomassito’s offers an Italian style of cuisine starting at $.65

Bread Sticks Meatball Marina Chicken Parmesan Baked Pasta Grill Panini
Starbucks offers coffee and tea starting at $.65


Of course for those of us who refuse to wait in those long lunch time lines, there is also a cafe located in our Library. Many students go to Criss Library when they are looking for something simple like a quick sandwich or even a small plate of sushi.

If you like to drink coffee while you’re studying, they have a Starbucks in the cafe as well. And remember, the next time you’re cramming for a fifteen page essay that’s due tomorrow, make sure you ask for a mocha with extra whip!

Finally, the newest cafe addition UNO has on campus is in Mammel Hall. Mammel Hall’s Cafe is just the same as Criss Library. They have fresh fruit, sandwiches and they even have a Starbucks.
So the next time you’re in class and your stomach is screaming at you louder than your instructor giving his or her lesson, remember lunch is just a hallway away.


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