Bar and Pubs to check out over St. Patrick’s Day

Photo courtesy JustBeer
Will Patterson

St. Patrick’s Day is this Saturday, which means that bars and pubs are going to be packed. Omaha has an impressive selection of bars and one of the nation’s highest concentrations of pubs. Those who plan on going out and drinking this holiday should consider some of these iconic local bars.

1) Beercade

Benson is an excellent area for a bar crawl. Of the many great Benson bars, one of the most unique is Beercade. Located at the heart of Benson’s main street, Beercade hosts an array of old school video games alongside an impressive bar selection. For those willing to drop a few extra bucks, they can gain access to a basement area of the bar. In the basement is another bar and extra games that are free to play.

2) Burke’s Pub

This list wouldn’t be complete without pubs. Another Benson favorite is Burke’s Pub. This pub has a very casual environment, with free popcorn available throughout the night. The best aspect of Burke’s Pub is its legendary apple pie shots. For $10, guests can get a small pitcher and a round of plastic shot glasses. Whether it’s your first or last stop of the night, this pub is great for hanging around with friends.

3) The Dubliner Pub

The Dubliner emulates the Old Market aesthetic. Marked only by a sign and a large green rock, this pub is literally located underground in the Old Market area. In the true spirit of the holiday, the Dubliner will be opening its doors at 6 a.m. on St. Patrick’s Day. Live music is commonplace at the Dubliner, and St. Patrick’s Day is no different. Guests will be treated to live music for a $5 cover fee at the entrance.

4) Brazen Head Irish Pub

The Brazen Head Irish Pub is committed to the idea of bringing Irish tradition to Omaha. This pub has a unique history of being designed in Ireland and being shipped over to America for reconstruction. This venue boasts a wide selection of featured beers and other authentic Irish drinks. Brazen Head also offers food for those who might not want to spend the holiday drinking their night away.