Arts and Sciences Hall will be internally renovated starting in July

Photo by Cassie Wade

By Cassie Wade

The NU Board of Regents approved a $12 million project on Thursday that will renovate the inside of Arts and Sciences Hall, UNO’s oldest building on campus.

The renovation is funded by state bond money, which comes from state funds and tuition revenue, according to the Omaha World-Herald.

The project is set to begin in July and end in 2019. A variety of updates will be made to the building, including improving the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems as well as upgrades for accessibility, lighting and audio-visual technology inside the classrooms, according to the World-Herald.

UNO student Kaylee Pierce said she thinks the building renovation is “fantastic.”

“It would be really nice to see something new,” Pierce said. “I feel that ASH is a main building on campus.”

Besides receiving an internal update, ASH will also become home to the Leonard and Shirley Goldstein Center for Human Rights, according to the World-Herald. The project is funded by a $2 million donation Shirley Goldstein made in 2015. Goldstein’s children, Donald Goldstein, Kathy Helm and Gail Raznick donated additional funds so a leader could be hired for the program.

Additional coverage on the Arts and Sciences Hall renovation will be available on the Gateway’s website next week.