Are Parking Permits Too Expensive?


Jenna Janssen
Staff Writer

Photo courtesy of UNO Parking Services website.

Parking permits are one of the most unnecessarily expensive things to pay for, especially for college students. At UNO, students are expected to pay between $149 to $299 for the year if they want to park in the parking garages and surface lots. Even if you spend the money on a parking permit, you’re not guaranteed a spot unless you come at the break of dawn to park. With the biggest freshman class seen at UNO this school year, that guaranteed chance to get a spot is even lower. 

Many students have expressed their frustrations with the lack of open spots and increased prices this year. Some students go as far as emailing the parking and transit services and asking for solutions to this problem. With lackluster responses, it seems as if they don’t even want to talk to the students.

The price wouldn’t even be as big of a deal if there were more spaces to park in. With most of the closest parking to buildings being allocated to staff and faculty before 2:30 p.m., as well as the parking lot being just for CEC visitors, students struggle to find parking within enough time before their classes.  

One reason UNO cites for requesting students to pay to park is to “maintain and operate parking lots and garages.” If that is so, then why are there multiple potholes and other road issues in these parking lots? 

Students who choose not to obtain parking permits or are unable to find a spot are left to park further away from campus with a higher chance of their cars being broken into. Not only do they have to worry about school assignments, but also the chance that their car may have potentially been broken into while in class. 

While there is the shuttle option to transport students to campuses, some students still don’t feel comfortable being around other students because of COVID. To be essentially forced to take the shuttle makes those with weakened immune systems uncomfortable. 

Though it can be noted that UNO’s permits aren’t as expensive as other colleges, it doesn’t mean students can still afford these prices. From book fees, tuition, food, rent, and other necessities, it feels very unnecessary to pay these high prices. 

I understand this is a way for UNO to get money for other needs, but does it have to be so expensive?