America – a nation forever changed


By Sarah Meedel

It has been one year since the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. America has been forever changed — not just structurally but the people as well.

Many felt panic and disbelief last Sept. 11. The fear of more attacks or going to war was in the thoughts of many.

Since the horrific events, new programs and groups have been established to help prevent terrorism and protect our homeland. But do people still have the same concerns now as they did then? Are people returning to business as usual or are they still too shaken by last year’s events to do so?

When asked last year about the events, Barbara Ericson, a secretary in UNO’s Student Health Services, was quoted as saying, "All I can say is God is in control." When contacted earlier this week, she stated that she still believed in her previous statement.

"It made me appreciate and love my family even more," Ericson says. She has two sons who will be leaving for a peacekeeping mission in Bosnia soon; she is thankful they will be going there instead of Afghanistan.

Numerous Americans were anxious about what was to come but knew living their lives in fear was no way to carry on. UNO junior Delbert Goedeken says his initial reaction to the acts was fear.

"I was afraid we we’re going to go to war," Goedeken says. Life went on, though.

Goedeken says: "I tried to go on as usual." This strategy worked for many during the time of crisis.

Not everyone has been able to move on, though. When questioned about their current thoughts about Sept. 11, many declined to comment or stated the issue was too personal to discuss.

With so many lives touched by a tragic event it is clearly seen that the United States is forever changed.



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