Alamo Drafthouse holds movie parties for “spooky season”


Megan Fabry

Alamo Drafthouse is a nationally known theater that introduces one-of-a-kind cinematic experiences for customers.

This season, Alamo held their annual “Drafthouse of Horrors,” a month-long event where the theater shows a variety of new and old horror films for fans of the macabre to enjoy.

Although they set time aside in October for the true horror fans, they also have movie parties that, while there is an element of fright, aren’t gruesome and morbid.

On Halloween night, Alamo Drafthouse featured “Beetlejuice” as a special movie party that featured costumes, props and even a pre-show that included a wedding ceremony.

UNO professor David Sutera, Ph.D., decided to take his Media Storytelling II class to the “Beetlejuice” movie party as a more hands-on way to teach them about how to tell a good story.

“Going to the movies is more interactive than a lecture because we’re not just watching the movie,” Media Storytelling II student Grant Rohan said. “You’re interacting with other audience members and you’re actively interested in the film. It’s good for the community because they bring together other die-hard fans of that movie, and you can meet others who enjoy the film as much as you do.”

Alamo Drafthouse Creative Director Derek Dillon decides which movies will be shown during the movie parties and creates a fun atmosphere through props and special food items for each show.

“It’s creating that kind of community experience,” Dillon said. “These are people who have seen each other over and over again, whether it be “Beetlejuice” or “Army of Darkness” or “Princess Bride,” these people are becoming friends and it’s creating a sense of community through these kind of events.”

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