Add these eateries to your UNO bucket list this semester


Kathryn O’Connor                                        
News Editor

These Omaha restaurants serve mouth-watering meals that will leave you wanting more. Photo courtesy of Andrew Smith/The Gateway

There’s a statistic that many native Nebraskans have heard: Omaha has the most restaurants per capita of any city of comparable size, with around one million people in the metro area. 

With its diverse food scene, it’s safe to say your tastebuds will never go bored when you’re craving a late-night snack or looking for a home cooked meal to remind you of home. Here are some student-favorite restaurants to select from on your next night out. 


If you’re craving a ridiculously large pizza slice or mile-high fries, Lighthouse provides students with a late-night dining option. As one of the only local drive-thru pizzerias in town, it stands out for its unique topping combinations. The home of the nine-inch slice is located at 74th and Pacific, almost walking distance from Scott Campus.


Inspired by traditional Mexican street food, Mula brings a combination of unique and bold flavors to the Blackstone menu. Whether you’re stopping in for a spicy take on chips and queso or selecting a flight of tacos to pair with your margarita, the experience is authentic with every bite. 

Early Bird 

What came first, the chicken or the egg? Have a debate while enjoying one-of-a-kind breakfast items like the cereal killer pancakes, a chance to eat your favorite childhood cereals guilt-free, or a classic chicken and waffle pairing. Early Bird offers both breakfast and lunch options that are sure to make your mouth water. 

Ponzu Sushi and Grill 

This Aksarben favorite among many students offers a taste to please every palate. While the restaurant is known for its sushi specials, the menu provides everything from sandwiches to tacos to chocolate chip cookie dough rangoons. Even when dining with the pickiest of eaters, there is something for everyone to enjoy. 

Inner Rail Food Hall

In the heart of Aksarben, the Inner Rail is a modern spin on the “traditional” food court with tastes from around the world. The food hall includes nine vendors featuring different styles of cuisine. Everything from crêpes to lobster rolls can be enjoyed on the outdoor patio or the central bar. Some vendors are extensions from local favorite shops, while other food vendors are new to Omaha.

Fun fact: The food hall is named after the location’s former identity, the Ak-sar-ben horse racing track.