A tribute to the Gateway staff seniors


Leta Lohrmeyer

As we left the newsroom on March 8, we didn’t know it would be our last goodbyes. It might have been the last time the 2020 Gateway staff will ever be together. COVID-19 has affected everyone in some shape or form. For the Gateway, two print issues were uncompleted, our annual fundraiser cancelled and an awards ceremony postponed. During that awards ceremony, we recognize the seniors on staff that are directly responsible for the success of the newspaper. This article will serve as a salute to those seniors as they end their journey at UNO and start a new chapter in their life. Congratulations graduates!

Kamrin Baker
Editor in Chief

Photo by Kylie Squiers/the Gateway

Kami joined the Gateway during her freshman year of college. She started as a contributor and “little did I know that I’d be stepping into a space where I was preparing myself for every possible practical scenario of my career.” Kami’s career at the Gateway advanced as she became an Online Reporter, then Digital Editor and her final year of college as the Editor in Chief.

Kami said that the experience at the newspaper set her for success in a career in journalism, public relations or marketing. As well as making friends along the way.

“The Gateway has taught me more than any other course, internship, or activity throughout college. I learned how to be a strong and ethical journalist, a capable and compassionate leader, and a skilled and strategic communicator.”

Kami said her best memories from the Gateway were the Sunday production meetings. 

“Whether we were snacking on Krispy Kreme, raising the roof with our advisor Chris Burbach, debating what to get our Secret Santas, planning a trip to the pumpkin patch, or just laughing at our word choice, I always had a smile on my face. I never felt like I was corralling rowdy workers or needing to tell people what to do; we all came together to get the work done and enjoy the journey. Some days were tumultuous (our first few production meetings), some were heartbreaking (the day we all learned about Kobe Bryant’s death in the newsroom), but most of all, our days together were illustrious; developing a modern, well-rounded volume of the Gateway that I am proud to archive as I finish my senior year at UNO.”

Megan Fabry
Arts and Entertainment Editor

Megan said she joined the Gateway at the encouragement of one of her professors. She applied for the open A&E Editor position because she wanted to get some hands on experience with journalism.

Photo by Kylie Squiers/the Gateway

“Actually working for a media entity has taught me more lessons than any class ever could. I’ve been able to write so many stories and make connections with people all over Omaha.”

As the A&E Editor, Megan said the best part about her position was being able to showcase so many talented artists, actors, musicians and faculty. She said that she’s learned a lot about the music and art scene in both the UNO campus and around Omaha.

“I loved writing about the Best of Omaha Soiree that Omaha Magazine hosted. Being able to speak to Omaha companies and experience the great food and entertainment was definitely a plus.”

Grant Rohan
News Editor

Like several of the Gateway staffers, Grant became a part of the Gateway to practice journalism.

Photo by Andre Sessions/the Gateway

“I joined the Gateway as a way to get experience in my field since my greatest skill is my writing and storytelling. It was also a great way to challenge myself by working on short deadlines and covering something new every week.”

During Grant’s time as News Editor he’s covered stories ranging from the campus community garden to UNO’s research on prosthetic limbs and updates on the COVID-19 situation.

“I’ve learned to be a leader in my role as News editor. To me, my role as a leader allowed me to get as many people involved and coach them to be better storytellers. Seeing new contributors’ names in the headline was great to get them real-world experience.”

Grant’s favorite memory of working at the Gateway was hanging out with his fellow staff members on Sundays as they put together the print issues.

Okina Tran
Layout Editor

This year Okina served as the Gateway’s Layout Editor. During Sunday production meetings, she would create the layout of each of the sections’ stories and photos to make the print issues look beautiful.

Photo by Andre Sessions/the Gateway

“I joined the Gateway because it was a great opportunity to stay on top of my graphic design skills and to stay connected with the news on campus.”

Okina said that because of the Gateway she learned how to “think outside the box when it comes to laying out different stories and photos in the different sections of the paper.”

“My favorite memory was seeing the stories go to print. It was a huge responsibility to make sure that the layout reflected each unique story. I didn’t take this responsibility lightly and I wanted to do all of the journalists justice.”

Maya Solarana
Ad Manager

Maya became a member of the Gateway during her senior year. She used her time there to

get more hands on experience selling ads for the print newspaper and the website, among other things.

“I joined the Gateway to get a better idea of doing advertising sales because I wanted more experience before going to work at an agency.”

Maya said she felt that learning about all the gears that it takes to make newspaper helped her with the ability to collaborate and bounce ideas off other people. She also said that through the Gateway she learned more about “the ability to take criticism when it’s needed.”

“My favorite memory is when we did Secret Santa because it was nice to see everyone on staff participate and interact with one another.”

Thanks for an amazing year! Photo by Andre Sessions/the Gateway