A football player’s thoughts…


By By David Carey, Contributor

It’s tough to just sit here and know that a program I dedicated 5 years of my life to has vanished overnight. Even tougher is knowing that there’s plenty more people who have dedicated even more and now have little or nothing to show for it. The worst is the way in which this was all handled, UNO’s 2 best programs were taken like a thief in the night and there’s no other way of saying it (snake bit, back-stabbed, perhaps a Trojan Horse reference – yes you Trev..okay there’s plenty of ways of saying it I guess).

Teams are well into their off-season preparations for next football season and in all likelihood all scholarships are accounted for, so now I guess it’s just tough luck for 105 Maverick football players.

Perhaps worse, the UNO wrestling team – led by Mike Denney who many consider to be the best and classiest in the business – just got their hearts ripped out the same night they won their 3rd straight national title. Congrats on the title boys, now hit the road.

And sweet quote Trev: “…I think what Omaha is willing to support is excellence.” Way to pander to the uninformed general public you big empty suit.

You might as well have got up there and just said: “Freedom… America…” and rolled a slide show of yourself kissing babies and shaking hands at the old folks home.

Way to glad-hand your way into position, using every connection with every person in this community that really cared about what goes on here, just to snipe the 2 programs that this community really cared about.

I want to let bygones be bygones, but there’s too much love and too much care in this program to move on right now.

Peace. Love. Thoughts. Prayers.

– DC #83


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