7 local femme and non-binary artists to follow on Instagram


Mars Nevada

Tiana Conyers illustrates Lizzo and other strong women of color. Artwork courtesy of Tiana Conyers

No gender issue with a cover as bold as ours would be complete without a celebration of the female and nonbinary artists on campus creating compelling and important work. We’ve selected seven student artists and creators who can be found around campus and online shaking up the art world.

Tiana Conyers

You may have seen Conyer’s work around the internet. Her comic-inspired “PSA” works about sex work and “fat femmes” went viral on Facebook, sparking both praise and backlash. You can check out our upcoming feature of Tiana online where we discuss how she draws inspiration from manga, pop culture and the local black artist community.

Megan Monismith

Say hello to this issue’s cover artist! From posters to brand illustrations and more, Megan’s work is delightful and irresistibly cheerful. Her work features funky patterns, bright colors and bold shapes. Her cover is the latest in The Gateway’s partnership with artists to create special issue covers.


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Day 5 of #aigadesignflex !!! This challenge was much more easier to do than my failed attempt at inktober.

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Una Novotny

Commissions and prints via direct messages
Novotny’s work, self-described on Instagram as the “chaotic brainchild” of Novotny, ranges from paintings to prints to jacket patches, earrings and more. Novotny’s most recent series features portraits of friends with their faces partially obscured to prevent identification by facial recognition scanning.

Jada Messick

Messick’s page is a riot of abstract pieces, textures, patterns and color. Messick’s renditions of friends’ animals are particularly delightful, their personalities blown up and rendered in bright colors and bold lines. Take in one of her pieces at this year’s juried student art show.


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Custom cat prints I made for some friends!!! #digitalart #art #animalart #catart #illustrator #photoshop #meow #illustrationart

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Johnny Redd

While Redd’s aesthetic, stickers, prints and buttons has garnered them a healthy internet following, Redd is also an accidental icon in the urbanism and transportation sphere. Their series on transportation and the design of cities uses bright hues, eye-catching collages and approachable language to break down and explain ideas about accessibility and equity in cities and on the road. You can find Redd’s other work online or in store at the Flying Worm downtown.

Isabelle Janssen

If you catch Janssen’s “sexy college misery” on show at this year’s juried student art show on campus, you can get an idea of what makes their work so intriguing. Janssen’s Instagram page explodes with multiple collages, paintings and collages-turned-paintings. Their work features themes of sexuality, queerness, BDSM and more.


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GIDDY UP #censoredbecauseinstagram #analogcollage #collageart #nsfw #broncos

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Natori Pittman

Although Pittman works primarily in oil paint, watercolor, pencil and ink, Pittman brings an alluring painterly quality to her digital work as well. Her work features an array of characters, genres, styles and techniques.