7 of the best study spots on UNO’s campus


Kamrin Baker

Everyone’s college experience looks different. Students could be involved in Greek Life, student government, have a campus job, be on the hockey team– or simply just attend classes and quietly earn a degree. However, one thing is universal: studying.

Some people survive it by having a Netflix break every few hours, others may use classical music to make it through, and some superior beings might be able to hunker down and just get it done. But in order to do anything, we first must all sit our butts down in a (preferably comfy) chair, couch, or my personal favorite, bed.

While I much prefer the comfort of my own apartment– or a number of local coffee shops— sometimes, between classes, I have no choice but to find a spot on UNO’s campus and get down to business. Since I’m no expert in the fine art of scouting study locations, I have employed my Maverick Facebook friends to recommend a few.

You may already be in the know about some spots, but others might surprise you. Where will you have your next study session?

1. The H&K lobby

“There is a solid Wi-Fi connection everywhere, the temperature is always at a solid 72 degrees, and everyone is really friendly.” -Jaime Romero Castillo, senior

Best for: small group work accompanied by ambient sound
Typical availability: Busy but with lots of options
Something you might not know: The lobby contains a healthy dining area that carries meals from Eat Fit Go.

H&K lobby. Photo by Kamrin Baker/The Gateway

2. The Community Engagement Center

“The CEC is just so pretty, and anyone can use the resource rooms they have all over the building. I like the quiet nooks but also the large resource rooms for group meetings. The decor and furniture is colorful and fun, and I like to be in that mood for studying.” -Kathy Nguyen, senior

Best for: group projects in large spaces, independent study in hot spots around the building
Typical availability: open, with rooms available upon request
Something you might not know: The CEC parking garage (on the basement level) is home to unique graffiti-style murals by local artists.

CEC atrium. Photo by Kamrin Baker/The Gateway

3. Mammel Hall

“I like Mammel because it is a comfortable, focused environment. There are plenty of choices within the building to choose from which helps when sometimes you are working with a group and other times you just want to tuck away in a corner. My favorite spot on campus is a little hallway tucked back off of the beaten track that has a white board and two tables perfect for a power study session.” -Megan Henderson, sophomore

Best for: Depending on your needs, almost anything!
Typical availability: Depending on the hours, very spacious to hustling and bustling.
Something you might not know: Mammel Hall’s first floor coffee shop, Stedman’s Cafe, is a completely student-run business.

Mammel Hall lounge area. Photo by Kamrin Baker/The Gateway

4. Third floor of the library

“I don’t get distracted on the third floor, and if I do, it’s no one else’s fault but mine. Also, there’s always somewhere to sit, and it is super easy to check out a study room. I’ve tried a lot of places, but the third floor has been my favorite since freshman year.” -Tanner Downs, senior

Best for: independent study and essay-writing– especially later at night or when you need to get your game face on.
Typical availability: There will usually always be a chair ready for you.
Something you might not know: Chargers are available for checkout whenever you need them in the library.

Third floor of the library, including the notorious KANEKO sculpture. Photo by Kamrin Baker/The Gateway

5. Roskens Hall

“There’s a lot of natural lighting, it’s always very quiet and it’s right next to ASH (my second home) but way less crowded.” -Brianna Price, junior

Best for: Independent work during the day.
Typical availability: Open and containing lots of options.
Something you might not know: Roskens used to be home to the College of Business Administration (imagine a life without Mammel) and underwent a renovation in 2011 to become the College of Education’s main home.

Roskens Hall entryway. Photo by Kamrin Baker/The Gateway

6. Kayser Hall

“I like studying in Kayser on the fifth floor due to it being quiet and either being able to see over the tree line to downtown or being able to overlook UNO’s beautiful campus.” -Paige Perry, junior

Best for: Personal quiet time.
Typical availability: Empty.
Something you might not know: Kayser was home to the College of Education for 40 years before its move to Roskens Hall.

Cozy corner in Kayser Hall. Photo by Kamrin Baker/The Gateway

7. Student Involvement Office in the Milo Bail Student Center

“I like studying in the Student Involvement Office mostly because it has super comfortable couches, but also because I always know at least one person in there. It’s always nice to see someone you know on campus.” -Samantha Chaney, senior

Best for: group projects and quizzing your best friend in the seat across from you
Typical availability: usually open– as long as the Maverick Maniacs aren’t all gathered in there!
Something you might not know: The Student Body President has their own office located within the Student Involvement office.

Outside of the Student Involvement Office. Photo by Kamrin Baker/The Gateway